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Diane Taylor dianet_write at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 15:24:30 PST 2008

I've been a fighter since 2001.  Almost exclusively in Caid.  I have
never been injured... bruised yes, but never truly injured by any
weapon, but there was one incident that showed me just how divided the
CA issue is.

My fighting group was done for the day and I wanted
to get in a couple more castle seige events before heading back to my

I was with a sapper crew on one wall of the castle,
away from the haybale towers that had been built.  The count was almost
done when I get this *WHANG* on the side of my helmet.  Turning, I saw
an archer lowering his bow.  Now this is where the fun truly begins.

fighters started telling me that it wasn't a valid shot, that I wasn't
looking at him, blah blahblah, that I shouldnt' accept it.  Heck, even
the Marshallate couldn't decide.   

Me?  I treated it as a
valid head shot, saluted the archer with my weapon and stepped back to
the safe zone.  At least one knight hurried up to me and said, "Why did
you do that? You're not dead, get back in there, you shouldn't be
taking shots from archers anyways."

I looked at him and said,
"M'Lord, it was a valid head shot, and a good one in my opinion. If I
were you, I would look into trying to get him on your side of the
fighting because he is holding his own in that tower. "  To which the
person in question huffed, and stomped away.

Hehehe, makes me glad I'm a Mercenary.  I get paid no matter what. ;D

Kujo no Ume

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