[Ansteorra-archery] Newest Attack on CA?

John iaenmor at swbell.net
Tue Dec 16 16:32:48 PST 2008

Ah, but we all know the standard French fighting position.  Feet spread 
shoulder width apart, Hands and arms raised above their heads.  ;o)

Because we run out of ammo by then silly. 


Paul Thorne wrote:
> Hey, let's not bring the French bashing into this!  The French were 
> cool, for approx. 0.5 seconds before dropping their stuff and 
> running...but that's gotta count for something right?
> It's amazing what will get wrapped up in the discussions over "safety" 
> when you break down most of the conversations it really comes down to 
> gameplay and how they feel CA is overwhelming on the battlefield.  Of 
> course if CA was so domineering why is it that at the end of the 
> ravine battle that it isn't just down to nothing but Archers at the end?
> -JP (disgruntled Frenchman)
> Viva la...meh...
> On 12/16/08, *Susan McMahill* <sueorintx at hotmail.com 
> <mailto:sueorintx at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>     One thing that I did find rather interesting is that there are a
>     number of folks who would like to restrict rate of fire,
>     especially from crossbows. This includes outlawing
>     'belly-cocking." As most of the combat crossbowmen and women I
>     know do some sort of what I would call 'belly-cocking,' This
>     caught my attention. Apparently certain factions believe that this
>     causes a crossbowman to be able to reload and fire at an
>     'unacceptable' rate of fire. It has been brought up, however, that
>     the rate of fire they have been discussing is historically
>     accurate. There hasn't been a lot more said about that. These same
>     folks would like to have a restriction in amounts of ammo
>     available to archers and crossbows. Boy, wouldn't Henry V have
>     loved someone to restrict the number of arrows that his archers
>     were able to shoot at Agincourt? Jeeze! Sounds like a bunch of
>     disgruntled Frenchmen to me!
>     Anyway, this onslaught really caught me by surprise as I had just
>     joined the SCA Combat Archery list the day all this started. I've
>     been getting about 6 digests a day with up to 25 messages per
>     digest. A little overwhelming, to say the least. I am hoping it
>     slows down a bit.
>     Sir Kenneth, I was actually thinking of emailing you about all
>     this 'stuff'. We have several knights in Ansteorra that are CA
>     friendly so I don't think that the issue is that great here. As
>     Iaen said, most of this discontent is from the easternmost reaches
>     of the Knowne World. Hopefully as more of them become aware of the
>     new rules for CA, they can stop running around screeching about
>     the sky falling. I guess they live too close to Wall Street.
>     Regards,
>     Lyneya
>     Well-behaved women Seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
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>     Sir Kenneth, as it stands right now I wouldn't worry too much
>     about it.  Quite a bit of gum flapping by some.  Quite a bit of
>     insult flying early on and somewhat still.  Some really good talks
>     about some things.  Those are mostly about crowd safety and
>     netting on the sidelines.  Sir Omarad came on the list and told
>     all we can discuss away but any changes would have to go through
>     the Kingdom marshalletes and up the chain of command.  He made it
>     pretty clear any CA changes asked for would have to go through the
>     SCAM before anything got to him.
>     Sir Lyonel has actually been fairly supportive of the CA
>     situation.  Surprised the hell out of me about that.  He is mainly
>     wondering why we have such ridiculous rules for the archers.  You
>     might want to pop him an email and get his stance for yourself.  I
>     think as far as I can tell he is the only knight from Ansteorra
>     that has spoken up in the discussion.  There have been several
>     others (mostly from the western kingdoms) who have spoken up for
>     CA also.  Most of the dissenters seem to be from the eastern
>     seaboard kingdoms. 
>     That is my view on what has been happening so far.  Lots of wind
>     and not much else.
>     Iaen Mor
>     Ken Theriot wrote:
>         What information does anyone here have on this?  Sir Lyonel
>         just posted this to the Chiv list.
>         A number of knights in various kingdoms are pressing, lately,
>         to ban fibreglass shaft ammunition and allow only 100#
>         siloflex bolts and arrows on the battlefield.
>         I confess that I don't frequent the SCA-wide lists, so I
>         hadn't heard of this until now.  Does this have a chance? 
>         What is driving this?  Lyonel put a pool out to our list to
>         get the opinion of our chivalry on it asking just one
>         question…"do you agree with this?"  I don't expect many of the
>         Ansteorran chivalry to support such an idiotic (sorry…to
>         strong a word?) proposal.  I just wanted to find out what
>         anyone else might know about it.
>         Thanks.
>         Kenneth
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