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Thank you, Sir Kenneth, for the clarification. I try not to make all-encompassing generalizations about groups. As I only know for certain of one knight who is out there doing combat archery, yourself, and don't know all of the knights out there, I would never say All were against it. I have heard some grumble about it, however so would also hesitate to say all are for it. I must say that after reading the posts of the members of the Chiv that have posted on the SCA-CA list, I would love to see some more pro-CA chiv members from Ansteorra jump into the discussion, as I have always felt that more of our fighters were proportionally 'for' CA than seems to be in other groups.  For the record, I never said that Sir Lyonel was 'against' CA, I said that he seemed to be 'less than thrilled' with it which could easily be determined from the tone of the posts he made. As I did not specify his name, but HL Eadric did figure out who I was talking about, I think that that was a fairly reasonable assumption. I do know of several knights that are archers, but not necessarily combat archers. That little word 'combat' seems to make a big difference in some groups.  Cheers! Lyneya de GreyWell-behaved women Seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich





Well-behaved women Seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 11:25:00 -0600From: eadric at scabrewer.comTo: ansteorra-archery at lists.ansteorra.orgSubject: Re: [Ansteorra-archery] Newest Attack on CA?Lyneya,  I would go beyond saying that we have several knights in Ansteorra that are CA friendly.  I would say that it is many, perhaps most.  We are so very lucky in that regard.We are lucky that not only are our knights in general pro-CA, but many are Combat Archers themselves.  If I look at the greater Stargate area there are active knights like Ulsted, Godwin, Galen, Alexis, and Karl who are definitely pro CA, have their own equipment and shoot when they can, and encourage their squires and households to participate and be supportive of Combat Archery.  I can not think of a single knight where I live that is anti-CA.  The knights who are primarily just tourney fighters might be more ambivalent towards CA but are a long way from being negative.  I don't think my experiences with knights of the Coastal Region would be much different if I lived elsewhere in Ansteorra  Just is just another of the many reasons it is great to live in Ansteorra.On the other hand a lot of what was happening on the SCA Missile Combat list was out of hand, lots of the Rabid Anti-CA folks that join were being rude, insulting, and deliberately trying to provoke conflict.  I as starting to get very disappointed.  I was disappointed because I was seeing Knights and members of foreign royal families behave in ways I could never imagine an Ansteorran knight or member of the Royal Family behave.  I went in and turned off email delivery for that list because I was seriously starting to worry that the behavior of a few very vocal individuals was affecting the way I would view the Chivalry as a whole and I like the Ansteorran Chivalry too much to let that happen to me.   For many others, particularly those not lucky enough to live in Ansteorra, I believe it is too late and that their opinion of the Chivalry as a whole has unfortunately been tainted as as result of what was happening on that list.Regards,-EASusan McMahill wrote: 

One thing that I did find rather interesting is that there are a number of folks who would like to restrict rate of fire, especially from crossbows. This includes outlawing 'belly-cocking." As most of the combat crossbowmen and women I know do some sort of what I would call 'belly-cocking,' This caught my attention. Apparently certain factions believe that this causes a crossbowman to be able to reload and fire at an 'unacceptable' rate of fire. It has been brought up, however, that the rate of fire they have been discussing is historically accurate. There hasn't been a lot more said about that. These same folks would like to have a restriction in amounts of ammo available to archers and crossbows. Boy, wouldn't Henry V have loved someone to restrict the number of arrows that his archers were able to shoot at Agincourt? Jeeze! Sounds like a bunch of disgruntled Frenchmen to me! Anyway, this onslaught really caught me by surprise as I had just joined the SCA Combat Archery list the day all this started. I've been getting about 6 digests a day with up to 25 messages per digest. A little overwhelming, to say the least. I am hoping it slows down a bit. Sir Kenneth, I was actually thinking of emailing you about all this 'stuff'. We have several knights in Ansteorra that are CA friendly so I don't think that the issue is that great here. As Iaen said, most of this discontent is from the easternmost reaches of the Knowne World. Hopefully as more of them become aware of the new rules for CA, they can stop running around screeching about the sky falling. I guess they live too close to Wall Street.  Regards, Lyneya
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