[Ansteorra-archery] Gulf War IKAC submissions

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Wed Mar 5 18:01:02 PST 2008

My understanding is that the IKAC keeper will update the scores and send 
them to tournament organizers this week.

I would agree that it seems to be a flawed way of choosing the 
competitors and said so from the beginning.  It seems particularly 
flawed that they ask people to submit IKAC scores during Dec and Jan 
when the IKAC is officially closed.

You are correct that if the IKAC keeper is not keeping everything 
updated in a very timely fashion leading up to war then there is no way 
for archers and marshals to check things, confirm receipt of scores, 
assure that their averages are correct, and take the time to correct any 
problems that they notice.

But, you and I are not tournament organizers or sponsors.   This year we 
can take it - or leave it and simply try to offer constructive criticism 
afterwards to perhaps improve the tournament in coming years.


Susan McMahill wrote:
> I am very discouraged to note that the scores that I submitted back in 
> the first half of February still have not been posted. Now I know that 
> at least one of the gentles who shot an IKAC that day was doing so 
> specifically for Gulf War Qualification. At this point he has at least 
> one score that has not been submitted according to the current 
> standings. I do not know if he has any others from any other location, 
> but at this point I am extremely disturbed to see that there is no 
> proof of his score being shot.
> While this special shoot was laudable in theory, I am concerned that 
> there may be many, MANY people who should be eligible to shoot in this 
> competition, who will not be permitted to. Until the scorekeeper can 
> get his act together in a more timely manner, I would discourage 
> utilizing this method again. The last update was on Feb 3. Now that it 
> is less than a week before Gulf, I am sure that there are a lot of 
> archers who are concerned about averages which are actually higher 
> than shown or who, like our Barony, have scores that have not been 
> included at all. How do we know if they will be included? How do we 
> know if they are accurate and that all scores will be accounted for?
> Lyneya de Grey
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