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Mon Mar 24 14:49:47 PDT 2008

 After many long hours getting to Gulf Wars, my camera and I made it to take
pictures starting on Tuesday with the Fort Battle (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4577051_Pbe7t#269808937).  I was able to
go into the fort behind the marshal's line to take some pictures while the
Ansteorran army was inside the walls.  The Rapier/Combat Archery Battle
later in the afternoon was a lot of fun to watch and take pictures of

On Wed, the Opening Ceremonies  (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4578350_Jx735#269894500) were an absolute
joy for a person to watch.  It's not often that you get to see such
pagentry.  Next was the Friendship Battle (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4577464_gjge6#269854526) that was Combat
Archery only.  It is always fun watching the archers stalk each other.  My
camera and I also visited the sidelines of the Town Battle (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4580136_q9JKA#270001078) and the Bloomer
Party (http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4571168_uutRz#269429728) had
gorgeous ladies being pampered for the afternoon.

Thursday I found myself along the sidelines for the Ravine Battle (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4579368_WUrxK#269952832).  The Ravine
battles are my favorite to watch and allowed for many colorful views as the
armies met in the middle.  In the afternoon, I was back at the Combat
Archery only Ravine battle (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4573791_GcToL#269570456).  Thursday night
was the Royal Reception (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4579891_sW4eH#269985668) which again
offered many wonderful visions of Royals.

Friday was the best day with the Champions List (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4571669_NL6nq#269458656) to start with
followed by the Open Field Battle (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4578918_p2J5u#269927820).  I definitely
need something to stand on to over look the field to truly get an idea of
how large the armies were and how much fighting went on in the field.  My
favorite event for the day was the Greyhound Coursing with the Queens (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4578054_88TMx#269874286).  The Greyhounds
were amazing with their speed and control chasing the lure and the Queens
and Hignesses were gorgeous.  I did briefly visit the jousting field during
the first practice runs (

Saturday started with the Inter Kingdom Siege Weapons Competition (
http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4578314_9Wnts#269891913) followed by the
Fort Battle (http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4576894_MW6ou#269798169).

There are also a few Misc pictures of various people, the Ansteorran Gate,
and camps (http://www.jmtimeless.com/gallery/4562078_FgJZg#269378641).

Overall, my first war was fantastic!!!  I had a great time and had a hard
time picking what I wanted to see and take pictures of.
Please enjoy sharing my views of Gulf Wars XVII.

Thanks to my Lord Collwyn for uploading all the pictures to our web and
organizing them for me and all the galleries can be found at

Yours In Service,
Lady Brenna MacDonald
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