[Ansteorra-archery] Novice and Archers Tourney at Warlord

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Sun May 18 14:28:16 PDT 2008

Greetings one and all of the fair Kingdom of Ansteorra. 
  Have you ever wished to compete in an archery tourney but been discouraged by having to compete against our fine Ansteorran archers that count their scores by the number of arrows outside the bulls eye?  at all ranges?   Do you shoot archery only once or twice a year or have a Royal Round score of 45 or less after years of effort?  If so then this may be the tourney for you!!
  Once again I, Jaque the Spink, Companion of the Order of the Arc d'Or, have been allowed by the grace of Baronness Kathryn Cunningham to sponsor an Archers Tourney to be held next week on Saturday afternoon of Steppes Warlord.  
  Prize will a 35# hickory longbow from Kee's Traditions Archery of Leander Texas and a dozen cedar shafts and points.
  1) Bow only will be considered for the prize. Crossbows may compete and post a score but will not be considered for the prize.
  2) On your honor you must be shooting at a Royal Round level of 45 or below. Ringers may be disqualified at the archery marshal's discretion.
  3) Must have never won a tourney.
  4) Competition will be a Royal Round followed by a Topsy Turvy end although exact format may vary at marshals discretion depending on number of entrants and other factors.
  5) Some loaner gear may be available and is perfectly acceptable in this tourney.  Please contact the archery marshal or borrow from a friend. 
  6)  All decisions of the Archery Marshal are final.
  Thank you Good Gentles the time and attention to read this missive.  I hope many will come out and compete and go on to become one of our fine Ansteorran Archers.
  HL Jaque the Spink
  Companion of the Order of the Arc d'Or
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