[Ansteorra-archery] [Am] problems reporting ?

b.scott.mills at gmail.com b.scott.mills at gmail.com
Mon May 26 13:07:13 PDT 2008

Fix should be in place now.  Northern folks should report normally and 
everything should get through.  Any problems contact me.



b.scott.mills at gmail.com wrote:
> OK,  I wasn't clear.
> It is a problem with the mail servers used by HE Michel rejecting mail 
> from the servers used by Ansteorra.org.
> Therefore any Archery Marshal from the _*Northern Region*_ that 
> reports is going to encounter this problem until we can get it fixed.
> When you report a reporting marshal should get a copied echoed back to 
> their own email inbox.  _*Northern*_ Marshals should go ahead and 
> forward that message to HE Michel directly at the mg1m at swbell.net 
> <mailto:mg1m at swbell.net> to assure that he receives a copy.
> Regards,
> -EA

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