[Ansteorra-archery] Archery Discussion

Danny Miller dannym at austin.rr.com
Thu Oct 2 18:58:06 PDT 2008

What prod can you get for $13?


Brandon McDermott wrote:
> I have been talking with several of the fighters in the Elfsea area 
> about getting authorized in CA. We think we can put a crossbow 
> together with 10 bolts for around $30. I propose we all ( meaning 
> heavy fighters ) get CA authorized, walk out with swords slung , pop 
> off 3 or 4 rounds, then go back to " warin' " the old fashioned way. I 
> am working on making 10-20 of these cross bows. 50 and 80 pound prods 
> can be had for around $13.... 9 foot lengths of 1/4 in fiberglass rod 
> $6.......1 1/4 in UHMW is $2.50 per foot.... Siloflex APD's are ???? 
> .. Cheap...  My point in all of this being that as a heavy fighters we 
> are (most of us LOL) aware enough not to shoot into the onlookers, 
> capabale of putting togeher the kit, and wasting valuable time that we 
> could be shooting ... STANDING?Waiting? So why not get CA authorized?
> Gramercy,
> Lochlan

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