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Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Fri Oct 3 10:11:29 PDT 2008

Marlin and Amanda Stout wrote:
> Eadric Anstapa wrote:
>> If you have access to such inexpensive prods please share your 
>> sources.  Be aware that an 80# prod may have to be significantly 
>> underdrawn to be legal.  Likewise there may be problems with making a 
>> legal bow from a 50# prod.
> I'd think there wouldn't be any problems making a/ legal/ crossbow 
> with a 50# prod. After all, a 50# prod at 10 inches draw would only be 
> 500 ip's, which is quite safely below 650.
Yes  no problem with a 500IP bow. 

Charles, remember a _*650 IP crossbow would be illegal*_ to shoot 
fiberglass shafted ammo.  You need to be safely below 600.

> I'd think the big problem with it would be making it /practical/, 
> since most crossbows I've seen draw about 8 inches, which would leave 
> a 50# bow way underpowered. I man, it would start at 400ip's, but as 
> the prod ages and the string stretches it'd likely lose power pretty 
> quickly, resulting in a weapon that can't shoot very far, and doesn't 
> pack a noticeable punch.
OK here you have the rub.  It's likely not going to be too powerful.  It 
is likely going to be underpowered.  You dont want too long a power 
stroke because that causes ammo problems.  If your bow has a really long 
power stroke then you need longer ammo and that means you may be 
restricted to using your own longer ammo.  That means you cwill be 
limited to what ammo you might be able to borrow if you run out.

Finally any crossbows you consider making need to be more that 400 IP.  
The new Society CA rules that will be reviewed by the BoD this month 
place a minimum power level for crossbows at 400 IP.  So depending on 
what the draw length of those 50# prods was intended to be it might be 

remember that with too short a power stroke crossbows loose efficiency 
because they string does not have enough time to "work" on the bolt.  
Similarly over drawing a prod beyond what it was designed to handle can 
be dangerous and lead a premature failure of the prod.



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