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Eric Brown caladin at io.com
Mon Oct 6 20:21:38 PDT 2008

Yes please, I'd love to get sources for prods in that price range!

I've got 2 feet of Delrin rod, just waiting to be turned into nuts for 
and all the tools to make em, just waiting for the time (and some 
hardwood). There were a bunch interested in
making bows locally after last gulf, so I laid in supplies. :)


Eadric Anstapa wrote:
> If you have access to such inexpensive prods please share your 
> sources.  Be aware that an 80# prod may have to be significantly 
> underdrawn to be legal.  Likewise there may be problems with making a 
> legal bow from a 50# prod.
> I would also be careful of of cheap fiberglass rod.  Make sure it is a 
> good quality linear pultruded rod.  We have had problems with cheap 
> quality fiberglass many times in the past.
> Also with all of the issues that there have bene recently with padding 
> please make sure you use a good wuality padding.  I recommend a 4# 
> density crosslinked PE foam.
> If you are making it all yourself and have all the tools, even at the 
> prices you list below using a siloflex APD each bolt is going to cost 
> you$1.50 or more each.
> Regards,
> -EA
> Brandon McDermott wrote:
>> I have been talking with several of the fighters in the Elfsea area 
>> about getting authorized in CA. We think we can put a crossbow 
>> together with 10 bolts for around $30. I propose we all ( meaning 
>> heavy fighters ) get CA authorized, walk out with swords slung , pop 
>> off 3 or 4 rounds, then go back to " warin' " the old fashioned way. 
>> I am working on making 10-20 of these cross bows. 50 and 80 pound 
>> prods can be had for around $13.... 9 foot lengths of 1/4 in 
>> fiberglass rod $6.......1 1/4 in UHMW is $2.50 per foot.... Siloflex 
>> APD's are ???? .. Cheap...  My point in all of this being that as a 
>> heavy fighters we are (most of us LOL) aware enough not to shoot into 
>> the onlookers, capabale of putting togeher the kit, and wasting 
>> valuable time that we could be shooting ... STANDING?Waiting? So why 
>> not get CA authorized?
>> Gramercy,
>> Lochlan
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