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Greetings Debbie,
  Yes there are Equestrian activities planned. From what I here besides the
Processional that will be Saturday morning there will be jousting and other
Equestrian activities.  I will get with His Excellency Santiago who has told
me a little about what the Equestrian community is planning and get it added
to the Melees web site.
   As for target archery activities... there are plans to have some but that
depends on if my marshalling status is re-instated by then.  My SCA
membership laps and I was notified that I could no longer act as an archery
marshal until I was told by Eadric that my marshal status was reinstated.  I
renewed my membership and sent him notice, but I sure he's waiting for me to
send him a copy of my new Blue Card. I'll get that done this evening as it
has arrived in the mail now.  
  I do have tentative target Archery listed on the schedule.  As higher ups
in our Barony feel that Autumn Melees is about Melees fighting, some
activities take a back seat... like classes, Equestrian, Target Archery and
so on.  But rest assured that there are other like myself that push to have
these activities at BAM.  Their Excellencies Elisabeth and Santiago are in
full support of these extra activities at BAM.
  This year is going to be a big one, you sure don't want to miss it if you
can help it!

Lord Phocas of Bordermarch
Merchant Steward, Vscribe and other things...:)

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I am looking at the (tentative) activities schedule on the BAM website
and noticing that it makes very little mention of archery activities,
and no mention of equestrian activities at all.  I realize that it is
still six weeks away, and that there is a lot of planning still to be
done, but I am wondering what activities are being considered for
these two areas?  Does anyone know?  As much as I want to go to BAM, I
have something else that weekend that I cannot reschedule, so
something has to give.  The equestrian and archery activities may be
the determining factor. :/

Thanks. :)
(in Stargate)
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