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As one who has said one thing, and then seen that it might be taken another (especially in emails), we understand your original intent. The Royals Huntsman was on short notice, and many good competitors were not able to attend. However, there was a reasonable turnout of archers that hold this tournament in high esteem, and realize the importance and responsibilities of the position Royal Huntsman. See you at Bordermarch if things go well.


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Thanks for the kind words.  Will try to reread what I type before I send it.
This is why sometimes I seem so quiet.  It gets me in less trouble...


On 10/10/08, William Black Dragon <ironwyrm at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 
Leofwine...anyone whom knows you would hope all understand 
the intent of your message not the way it was said.  Email is a 
poor form of convening thoughts at best and open to all kinds 
of misinterpretations that can be read into it, depends upon the 
reader.  I would think all know your love for archery and the high 
esteem in which you as most of us whom make up Anstorra's 
archery community hold our Royal Huntsman Tournament as 
well as those whom come to compete in it.  



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I want to offer my sincerest apologies to the other competitors of the Royal Huntsman.  It was not to discredit any of the archers that attended.  I main concern was that there would not be enough people competing to call it a competition.  I realize now that even that is not a valid concern.  If there are at least two archers competing, then it is a competition.

If I do something stupid like this again, someone please smack me up side the head.  With that being said, I better wear my helmet more.  There's probably going to be a lot of head-smacking coming my way.

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