[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Rounds thank you

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no problem ; )

actually when we discovered that both you and lawrence wouldn't be making it , and that the other marshal was going to be busy with the event .
everybody started looking at me for a descision . and since i was supposed to be helping people ( who never showed up ) get authorized as tw marshals, i just kind of delegated ; ) one of my arcarius volunteered to run the shoot, and the rest all volunteered to help , and i believe lady zorya helped some as well as supplying the catch nets . and h.l. thomas's arcarius karl even supplied some good hot dogs ; )
so all i really did was answer questions, blackball 1 bow as unsafe, inspect equipment, and " supervise " 
the real work was done by the rest of the northkeep marshals ; ) ( sam,robin,cian )
with northern missile marshals being so willing to work, it would have run weather or not i was there ; ) as i've said before , northern missile marshals are the best = ) ( ok, so maybe , just maybe , i'm a little bit predjudiced ; )

hope your feeling much better now = )
you missed an exciting event, barrett was laurelled, and h.e. brom from eldern hills was knighted  ( yay ) both ( imho ) long over due .

be safe, be happy, have fun
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  My apologies to all the archers that showed up at Protectorate to get
  some Royal Round scores in.  I fell ill Friday and was unable to attend.
  Despite that, the rounds still ran.

  My thanks to the marshals of the North who stepped up to the line and
  helped.  I appreciate your time and efforts.  While the barony had some
  marshals there, the ones that made it were all tied up with other
  duties, like autocratting, baron-ing, etc.  I haven't heard all the
  details yet but I know that H.L. Blackmoon gave of his time to help.

  I thank the Province of Mooneschadowe for the loan of their arrow nets.
  Having shot that site before, I'm sure they cut down on the number of
  ground-burrowing mole-arrows in the slope behind the range.


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