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Your Excellency, thank you for that general reminder.

For my students and archers I remind then that while winning this 
tournament means that they are committing to serve Their Majesties 
during the tenure as Royal Huntsman, it should also be viewed as a 
commitment to represent the entire archery community of Ansteorra during 
that same time.

Before competing in the tournament I urge them  to consider if they can 
fulfill that commitment by asking themselves:

   1. Am I prepared to compete in the Royal Huntsman Tournament having
      all the equipment necessary, without loan, to complete the
   2. Should I win, Am I able to shoulder the burden of being the most
      visible and constant face of the Ansteorran archery community
      before Crown during that time?
   3. Should I win, Am I able to clothe, equip myself, and behave so
      that I always present the most positive possible impression of
      Ansteorra and the Ansteorran Archery Community?
   4. Should I win, Am I able to commit to attending and standing as
      Royal Huntsman at the majority of the Royal Presence events
      throughout the entire kingdom during my tenure as Royal Huntsman? 
      Particularly those with any sort of archery activities.
   5. Should I win, Am I able to attend Gulf Wars (if during a Gulf
      War's reign) to serve the crown and lend my strength to assure our
      kingdoms success in the archery activities there.

This scratches the surface, but I encourage my students to at minimum 
consider these before they compete in the Royal Huntsman Tournament.



Mike Gideon wrote:
> One thing to remember is that it's not just winning in this, there are 
> duties and responsibilities that go along with Champion tourneys. The 
> Royal Huntsman is the representative of the entire archery community 
> to their Majesties, the Kingdom, and the known world. Such things 
> should not be taken lightly.
> Michel
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> *That is awesome news!!! I have never been able to compete in one of 
> these tourneys and from what i read about the last one put on it will 
> be a very good shoot! (even if Sam of Northkeep will probably win 
> it.....grrrr)  : )*
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