[Ansteorra-archery] Ansteorra-archery Digest, Vol 28, Issue 7

Glenn Long debbnglenn at centurytel.net
Thu Sep 4 17:08:10 PDT 2008

In regards to the new blunts.
I always shot my old arrows at a metal shed that sits on my property.
It used to leave little 1.25 inch dents from 20 ft.
The new arrows leave little 1.5 inch dents.
I have seen no real difference in impact.
It seems to me, that if your new arrows are like cozies than they are
not stiff enough.
In fact, I don't see how you can have 1/2 inch of foam and not feel
I am still shooting for 1" of foam, fairly stiff, but with progressive
I have found that I can make the arrows the same way I always did and
just add the side wrap.
I am still following the www.stickjock.com method except I use 1.5 inch
squares of foam and add the sidewrap. They come in at 1" on top of the
I have a 1.5 inch hole cut in a piece of wood to check width. 
They fly well and hit with impact. 
Not as hard as a Baldar but then they never did hit that hard.
Don't know how they will work with arrows but with bolts I see no
Can't wait to shoot someone at Melees.

Reinhardt Stahlhelm

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