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> As a result, I am not willing to drive 3 or 4 hours roundtrip, even carpooling, to attend a special practice just so I can get an away score.  It takes two very valuable resources:  my money and my time.  I think this recent push to have special practices has replaced holding Royal Round shoots at events. <
actually the carpooling to other practices had several reasons ,none of which was to eliminate the royal rounds at events , if it hadn't been for the big storm sunday at castellan there would have been a royal round on sunday morning as usual.

i started the carpooling to practices , to improve the missile skills and promote missile activities ,so that archers can get used to shooting on a full firing line , in different places , under different marshals , and not always standing next to the same people, hearing the same marshal over and over again .this will help them focus on shooting well at events , and not freaking out because they aren't used to shooting at a new place , under a different marshal , with a different landscape.
this is also one of the reasons that a group of us went and participated in calontirs " kings company of archers "  this past weekend.
( a stand alone archery event where they compete from all over the kingdom , at all levels unranked to grant level )
carpooling to different practices was also to help archers and marshals get to know each other and help each other , as in the north we're sort of like a big missile family , where to get help all you have to do is ask .
and was to give marshals an idea about  what it would be like to be a m i c for an event , having that many people show up to shoot.
northkeep has a small range , so only 5 or 6 can shoot at a time , so our regional practice may have a lot of socializing time as well .
it was also a way to ease travel expenses so that i could get to more places in order to authorize more people for both thrown weapons and archery .
getting an away score is just a nice bonus added to all the benifits of carpooling to practices.

part of the reason i see royal rounds not being shot as much is the fact that a lot of marshals are saying they hate circle targets , they only want to do " fun " shoots .both for practice and for events . 
( which of course means no paper work till the quarterlies , or event reports ) ( which thanx to hl eadrics long hours , reporting is very easy , where else can you turn in ikacs and royal rounds at the same time ?? )
ansteorra is constant being beaten in the ikac by antir , and a couple others , in some divisions , by a lot of others . 
this isnt going to change as long as groups only do " fun " shoots,  or people only practice shooting at events.

for me , what i shoot at isn't as important as the fact that i'm shooting,( or throwing ) and a " fun " shoot is one that challenges me to stay focused, and do my very best, because anything less just wont get me to the next round . 
( ok , so if i was into bruises , pain and broken bones , maybe i would be a  knight  by now ; )  ,  health and mundanity have dropped my scores , but i'm working on raising them again through practice.

archery and thrown weapons are my primary activities in the sca , if they die, i will be the guy camped out on the far edge of site , shooting at my personal butt  , or throwing at my personal target , but i'll miss the teaching , and the big family that is ansteorran missile comunity .

just my 2 pence worth  ( $4.95 = adjusted for modern times ) " 1 cent = after modern taxes " = )

be safe, be happy, have fun

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  I may have a different viewpoint than many on this list, but I think it should be expressed.

  It is not a great concern of mine to increase my RR score.  I am more interested in having fun and using archery as a relaxing diversion from my mundane life.  As a result, I am not willing to drive 3 or 4 hours roundtrip, even carpooling, to attend a special practice just so I can get an away score.  It takes two very valuable resources:  my money and my time.  I think this recent push to have special practices has replaced holding Royal Round shoots at events.

  When I was in the Outlands, at any event at which archery was held, there was also an opportunity to shoot a Royal Round (also, sometimes events that had no other archery scheduled would still hold a RR).  Every effort was made to hold one.  This made it much easier for the casual archer to still participate and track his or her scores, because if you're at the event anyway, why not shoot a RR and get that away score?  Heck, there was a time when my RR score was made up of only away scores shot at events.

  I believe the Outlands policy was the correct way to go, which is why since I started running archery at Mooneschadowe Guardian/Triumphe 3 years ago, I have held a RR.  I will be continuing this tradition this year, and for as long as I run archery for that event.

  People can hold special practices if they wish.  I am not saying they should stop.  What I am saying is that you might be surprised at how many more archers start submitting scores if you give them the opportunity at events to do so.

  Zorya Prazan
  Mooneschadowe Archery Marshal

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  > Great.  The whole point was/is to encourage people to attend some events 
  > and interact archers outside of their home practice.  When the 
  > Ansteorran Royal Rounds were created it was noted that there were some 
  > really great archers that virtually never left their home range.  Those 
  > really great archers are the ones that we almost want most to go out and 
  > and interact with other people because they are the ones that can 
  > inspire everyone to to better and the ones that can share and teach what 
  > it took for them to get as good as they are.
  > The Northern branches have started travelling around to each others 
  > practices in a carpool and thats perfect.  Perhaps the Steppes Marshals 
  > can coordinate with the Emerald Keep marshals to do something in Emerald 
  > Keep.  It's and easy drive and two hours away, there is no site fee to 
  > pay for a practice, and if ya load as many folks as ya can into the most 
  > fuel efficient car that ya can then it's not a bad day trip.  The 
  > Steppes archers then get an away score and they can share and get to 
  > know the Emerald Keep archers better.
  > Regards,
  > -EA

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