[Ansteorra-archery] Results for Gates Edge Harvest End

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Mon Sep 8 13:52:31 PDT 2008

Greetings All,  thank you to all who came and joined us at our Harvest's 
End event this past weekend in the Shire of Gate's Edge.  I would like 
to take a few moments to summarize for everyone how the archery 
community spent their day here.

First... Thank you to Lord Padraic on Kilkenny for being a great Marshal 
In Charge and making sure that everything that needed to be done was 
done and thank you to all the crew that came and helped. 

Second... Engenulf, Iaen, Frederic, Karrick, Irena, and Leofwine as 
always when these events happen I am proud to be associated with you 
all.  Many hands makes for lighter work and the fact that your hands are 
always there to help is a significant advantage to our archery community.

Third...  Thank you to LORD Frederic de la Costas for be a fine Archery 
Champion for Gates Edge over the past year.  He has represented us well 
over the past year and has been very active in the Shire's Archery 
Community during that time.  Since winning our competition last year he 
has become a Target Archery Marshal, a Combat Archery Marshal, a Veteran 
of Gulf Wars, has made several fine crossbows and other pieces of 
archery equipment, won the Loch Sollier Archery Championship, and was 
called into court this past weekend and presented with an Award of Arms 
by Their Royal Majesties.  Thank you and congratulations LORD Frederic.


The tournament itself had 24 competitors and was close.  How close?  
Points wise it was a three way tie between Sir Karl, Lord Carluccio, and 
HL Leofwine.  Yep, thats right a three way tie between three former 
Royal Huntsmen  with a fourth former Royal Huntsman in Don Christoforo 
not far behind them.   In the end  HL Leofwine was declared the champion 
as his long legs propelled him into to another great Seneca Run score.  
HL Leofwine completed this years Seneca Run in 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

For those not familiar with the Seneca Run that means he ran several 
hundred yards shooting at 7 different targets and had to get into IKCAC 
combat gear at the last station and he did it all in 2m38s  or 22.6 
seconds per target. 

His per target time was not as good for him as last year where he 
completed a 6 station run in 1m58s or  a 19.7s per target, but for those 
of you who have competed in the run I think you will agree that if 
adding a seventh target to the run only added 3 seconds per target to 
your time then you were still rockin and rollin right along.

We made some new friends and greatly enjoyed th company of HE Caleb 
Reynolds, the Baron of Rhydderich Hael in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.  
Baron Caleb we hope you can come back and shoot with us again.

To those friends who were not able to join us, we missed you sorely and 
hope you come visit us soon.   The Great Punkin shoot is about 6 weeks 

Finally...  In court Saturday evening Their Majesties awarded a Sable 
Thistle for his accomplishments in  *Toxophilitic Craftsmanship *to Lord 
Padraic of Kilkenny.  Pat, I have no words to adequately express the 
honor and pride I have in being allowed to associate myself with you.  
All of my Arcarius, current and former, lift me up.

With Warm Regards,

Eadric Anstapa

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