[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Rounds

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Sep 8 18:15:47 PDT 2008

Zorya wrote:
> I may have a different viewpoint than many on this list, but I think
> it should be expressed.

No! Not *two* points of view on a mailing list!  What is this world
coming to?   *grin*

> I think this recent push to have special practices has replaced
> holding Royal Round shoots at events.

Nah.  It's always been a problem.  You've already been flooded with
responses on why.  And I'll add my own take, as I'm a bard and cannot
resist talking.

Every event should be different.  I got very, very burned out of going
to "cookie cutter" events.  If I knew that each event would have the
same activities, why on earth would I want to go to many?  To drive five
hours so I can shoot in the one hour squeezed in between the heavy list,
light list, A&S competition, bardic, two courts and a feast?  If I am
interested in more than one thing (and who isn't), between my interests
and supporting my friends at theirs, I'd be worn out each event.

I like events that have a focus, one that is supported by the people
putting it on and the people attending.  This may sound like heresy, but
I don't think every group needs to have a Titled Archer.  If that group
does no archery except at the event itself, it isn't a position that
automatically receives local support.

I like seeing an event where over half the site turns out for the
activities, even if they are just being spectators.  Both archery and
bardic competitions like this are a joy for both participants and
onlookers due to the extra excitement.  Limiting the number of
activities at an event helps this occur.

> What I am saying is that you might be surprised at how many more
> archers start submitting scores if you give them the opportunity at
> events to do so.

And if we had siege weapon competitions at each event, there would be
more siege scores submitted.  I'm not saying you are wrong or that your
point of view isn't valid.  It is just that, to me, it is a matter of
the right thing at the right time.

As His Excellency said, I will be manning the archery range at
Protectorate so people can get some Royal Round scores if they want.
This is going to be as underplayed as I can make it because Protectorate
is not our archery event.  It is an event centered on the marshal lists,
the court, the feast, the pavilions, the nobles in their fine clothes,
etc.  Not an archery range a dusty quarter mile away and out of site.
But I've been planning on doing it so some of you can slip away and get
a score in, if you have time.  There is a lot of archery activity up
here lately and it would be nice to make that option available.

On another note, these practices have been "special" because of the
people there.  The Royal Rounds were just an excuse.  It's simply more
fun to shoot when you've got a bunch of friends around.  And if you
want, we can schedule a time when your practice can get flooded with
archers from elsewhere.  I know many from Namron would be willing.

Finally, on FITA targets. For variations, why not make a three color
period target?  You know, I never shot a FITA target until I was in the
SCA, so I'm not burned out by them.  But we try to mix it up a little
each practice just for fun.  We did a braggart shoot a while back, a
mini-clout shoot, popped balloons under a number of circumstances and
fillings, shot stuffed animals, orcs, and Frenchmen, and just plain
challenged one another. (Baldo, remember you owe somebody a hundred
bucks when you get old enough to get a job... *grin*  )  We still
squeezed in a lot of Royal Rounds.

In the end, we are both right.  Having RRs at events and at practices
both is wonderful.  I'm packing my bow more often than I used to, and
happy for the many opportunities these days to use it.

Namron's marshal

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