[Ansteorra-archery] "Secret Shoot" at Skorragarðs Axeman

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Sep 8 20:08:46 PDT 2008

Blackmoon wrote:
> here I agree with you completely , the " secret shoots " have got to
> stop !!
>  with rising gas prices , and rising costs in general , we need to be
> posting what shoots will be at what events, well in advance so people
> can save for those events with the type shoots they enjoy shooting

Fine! If that's the way you feel...

We are having a not-so-secret shoot at Axeman V, host by the Canton of
Skorragarðr, on the weekend of November 14-16 at Camp Will Rogers near
Cleveland, OK.

Provided we can track him down before the event, there will be a
medium-sized dragon for us to shoot.  It's winged, so it's probably
Welsh instead of Norse, but it is still a threat.

So there!  Secret's out.  Come shoot.


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