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No Alvinas either....
Enge...er Eadric


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sounds good , pester away ; )
couple things I would add, 
1st , we need heralds  !!
there always seem to be people wanting to learn to be field heralds, but they are always hanging out at the heavy field , try to gab a younger one
( gently, no damaging the heralds  ) early , and convince them to herald for the range , or better yet , 2 heralds , that way one can announce the field, and one can run back to the other side of the site to let people know what's about to start, or when the final round is about to start. and both heralds could trade off . put a little ceremony in your tite shoot, have the king / queen/prince/princess/ baron/ baroness/ your girl friend / the ladies of the burnt meat , /somebody / anybody / audience , in a chair in the shade ( reminds me we need shade for both participants and the adience )  and do a procession of competing archers archers before the title shoot .
like you said have more than one shoot, so that your titled shoot can be fast paced , it should be dropping people fast till  you get it down to 5 or 10 people , audiences like activity , they want to be able to tell whos winning , have the heralds announce who is leading per round , or even top 3 places , explain to them before each round what the archer will attempt to do, etc.
eldern hills has earned a reputation for truly " evil " shoots requiring archers to test their limits , due to this it is not uncommon for them to have people bringing their own sun shades down to the range , so that they can watch the shooting , at a recent tourney , it was announced in court , ( and not by an archer ) that watching the shoot had been like watching a pro golf tourney , ( wisper wisper from the audience , then twang from the archer , then lots of applause as the archer hit his mark , weather he could see it or not, and the rounds went on neck and neck , till finaly someone won .
2nd . we need more color ( yes , I'm guilty ) too many times , you go to an event , there is no color except the targets , the cloths, and the arrows , none of which will attract people to see what's going on . we need banners on poles, we need champion flags on our safety ropes , we need colored flags on poles holding up our safety rope.
anything to ...well , on second thought , almost anything to draw attention to the range .
( no, blackmoon will not be putting on his barbarian leathers and belly dancing to bring more people to the range , we don't want them being ill when they get there ; )
be safe, be happy, have fun

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Hi all, 
I have only recently been able to get back into archery....having twins does that to you!.....for my own enjoyment and as a archery marshal. So here are my 2 cents (and its probably worth about as much!) on what i have seen when attending events and shoots.
Target Archery isnt seen as important to most people as the other activities......but the light weapons fighting wasnt as important as the heavy fighting not so long ago. The same goes with all of the other activities. All of them were small to start out with and it was because of the people who really loved that aspect to keep them going and to make them grow.  To make anything grow it has to get peoples attention. 
To get attention it has to appeal to the masses. It has to be something that makes people say...."Yeah i want to do that!" It also has to have dedicated people to take on the challenge and do the work.
It has to be brought to the attention and supported by the people with higher stations. "Especially" any "titled" competition.
It has to be promoted. If the general populace isnt even aware of what is happening down on the archery field then they will not show up to see if it is something that they want to get involved in.
It is going to be up to all of us that are passionate about this to make it happen. 
Here are my ideas of how to improve things....there has got to be more people to help run a range or shoot. If it is left up to one poor soul to provide the targets, haul them there, set them up, run the thing and then take it all down......of course they wont have the energy or desire to spend any more time out there! 
We need more certified marshals that are willing to help run an event. If the work load is broken up then it wont all fall on just a few peoples shoulders. 
The details of the shoots and tourneys need to be planned out and made known far in advance so it can be listed on the event sites and in the upcoming event publications. 
The details of the archery shoots need to be announced at every Morning Court so the populace will know what is going on for that weekend and people encouraged to go take part or just to loan their support by attending. The children really need to be encouraged to attend. You could even make up a sign with all of the details listed and place it somewhere that gets more foot traffic. 
If there is going to be a Titled shoot then it should be held at this or that time to fit along with the schedule for all of the other Titled activates.....but lets face it, not everyone wants to go to all of those....so why not have the range open? Have a fun shoot....a new persons shoot....a Royal Round, ect....ect. If you get enough marshals to help out then the range could be up and running the whole weekend. Even if someone only runs it for 30 minutes it will give the others a chance to go see other things, to take a break.......or even be able to participate!!!
As for a Titled shoot....i completely understand that this should be a challenging shoot to determine who the winner will be....but i have seen far to many events with only a titled shoot and if you are a new comer.... are knocked out the first round and dont get to shoot the rest of the entire event.......then why travel the 4 hours to attend? (except of course to attend other things)  but i for one am mostly there for the archery and i am sure there are allot of others that are the same.
Make up some fun targets!!! Go to your archery practice and ask everyone what they think would be fun to do at the event that your area is going to do. If you all come up with some really cool targets then make sure you announce what they are going to be to get as much attention as possible!!! Figure out what materials or help you would need, get as many of your local archers willing to help get it all made up.....this will also make them feel more part of the event....and if you need extra help or funds announce it at your populace meetings and post about it on the mailing list.
Funds for all of this is one of the biggest problems....have raffles, or fund raisers to help pay for materials and equipment. Ask any and all local artisans to donate something if they can. Again...announce it in the populace meetings and mailing list! You can have a fund raiser at your local event....but you can also plan a fun shoot at your local practice range and have one.....get the word out that you are having a special fund raising shoot or raffle if you can get a nice prize donated. 
I am probably forgetting allot of other ideas but i am tired! and may pester you all with yet another rambling post! LOL

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