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Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Fri Sep 19 14:06:49 PDT 2008

I took the survey,  but here are my thoughts.

There are already Non-Rattan Peerages.  Personally I think the whole 
nature of this thread almost seems to in some way belittle the members 
of the Orders of the Pelican and Laurel and seems to make as if (some) 
members of those orders are somehow lesser peers because their peerages 
did not come from Martial Arts.

The first peers I met in the SCA were Sir Simonn, Mistress Tessa, and 
Mistress Janet.  The qualities they possessed that made an impact on me 
at that first event, that got me hooked and helped to form that nucleus 
of "the dream" that has kept me in the SCA for 23 years, had essentially 
zero to do with Simonn's white belt or his great martial skills.  It was 
the other qualities of a peer that they all possessed that made the 
lasting impression.   Hard work. Passion. Knowledge and the way they 
freely shared it.  The way they encouraged, welcomed, and fostered a 
newcomer.  The way they made the SCA feel different and special from 
other groups, and the way they made me feel special for choosing to be 
there with them in the SCA.  Those are the things I remember.  I was 
impressed by remarkable people not remarkable skill with rattan.

In my years in the SCA many of my good friends have been recognized by 
the Crown as being Peers of the Realm.  Some as Pelicans, some as 
Laurels, and fewer as Knights.  Similarly I believe these are all 
remarkable people of great character and I firmly believe that is was 
led them to a peerage and not sweat, skills, or swords.

When Their Majesties are made aware of, and decide that person is truly 
a remarkable person and a person of great character, I trust that the 
person will be elevated and be made a peer regardless of if they have 
ever picked up a piece of rattan or not.

Certainly as it currently stands an Archer or a Rapier fighter are not 
going to be made members of the Order of Chivalry for prowess in their 
non-rattan martial forms but that does not simply exclude those folks 
from becoming peers.

As an archer I am keenly aware that there are people who have been 
elevated to the Order of the Pelican for their service to the archery 
community, there are people who have been elevated to the Order of the 
Laurel for their skill as an archer craftsman, and there are people who 
have been elevated to the Order of the Laurel for their prowess as an 

I see no compelling reason for a fourth peerage. Those who participate 
in the Arts Martial other than rattan fighting already have a path to 
peerage using the martial skills they practice. Skills other than rattan 
combat skills can be among the reasons you are elevated to Order of the 

On the flip-side, other than simple tradition, as the SCA evolves, I see 
no reason why the Order of Chivalry must indefinitely remain solely for 
those who participate in armored combat using rattan weapons.  However, 
I don't see such a change coming anytime soon and not sure that such a 
change is something that I would necessarily want to see.  I guess on 
this I will remain undecided for a while on that.



Doug Copley wrote:
> Any thoughts? I know that I will take the survey:-)
> Vincenti
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> From: Rob Karnis <robkarnis at sympatico.ca>
> Date: Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 6:42 PM
> Subject: [households_of_rolling_thunder] Non-Rattan Peerages Survey
> To: Rob Karnis <robkarnis at sympatico.ca>
> The populace of the Society is invited to participate in a survey to
> determine if there is support for the notion of Peerage recognition for
> fields of Society Martial Arts other than Rattan combat. If you feel that
> those who display Peer-like behavior in such fields as Fencing, Archery,
> Siege Engineering, Equestrian, etc are worthy of Peerage recognition, or
> believe that they do not, we invite you to make your opinion known, and
> would ask that you invite others to express their views on the matter as
> well. This survey will be presented to the BoD for their consideration.
> Please take the Survey at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCAPeerageSurvey/
>  Please feel free to cross post as you will. The more opinions the 
> better.
>  Maitre Wilhelus le Casse
>  Atenveldt
>    .

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