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Marlin and Amanda Stout ldcharles at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 26 16:10:49 PDT 2008

Crystal Lewis wrote:
> I'm looking to get authorized for CA before BAM and I wanted to find 
> out if anyone in the Steppes/Elfsea area had some combat arrows I 
> could borrow to practice and possibly authorize with? Or even someone 
> in the area who makes and sells said arrows?
> My bow is a youth-sized 30# bow. (I'm a weakling.)

Lady Gwen,
  I'm not in Steppes/Elfsea, so I can't help you with arrows, But I can 
give you a bit of advice about those youth-sized bows.

Get your local CA marshal to check it's draw with a regulation combat 
arrow. The listed draw weight on some of those youth bows are the draw 
weigh with a youth arrow, not a full-sized one. I've seen a few archers 
at Gulf who were surprised when their bows came in over-limit when 
measured with the standard arrows. One lady I know had made shorter 
arrows for her bow, so that with them it'd be below the limit. But with 
the standard ones it was way over (like 40+ lbs) and a marshal can't 
assume it'll never be used with the standard ammo.

There are ways to reduce the draw weight a bit, and your AM can help you 
with that, but it's best to know that and deal with it before you get to 
the event.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Marshal at Large
Bryn Gwlad

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