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None of my combat arrows are currently legal, they need to be refitted, but you are welcome to borrow some for practice.  I've chopped all my baldar arrows down into combat bolts to make sure I had legal combat missiles for Three Kings and am currently working on refitting 450+ combat bolts.  I won't start refitting combat arrows until after we have finished refitting all the combat bolts.

However just so you know the odds of getting authorized for combat archery within six weeks are extremely slim, but possible if you can met several qualifications.  

To list a few of those basic qualifying factors:

- Do you already have a current fighter authorization?

- Do you have prior melee combat (battle) experience?

- Do you have your own combat legal armor?

- Do you have your own legal combat archery equipment?

- Are you familiar enough with the Ansteorran Complete Participant's  
  Handbook(especially section 6) to respond correctly when quizzed?

- Do you have a currently active knight marshal or combat archery 
  marshal whom would be willing to vouch for your combat skill 

If you are able to answer yes to five of the above questions there 
is a good chance we might be able to buddy you up with another 
combat archer at BAM for observation and possibly get 
authorized for combat archery afterward, however it usually 
requires at least two or more melee events before any combat 
archery authorizing marshal will sign off on any combat archery authorization.  Starting this late a more realistic goal might 
getting authorized in combat archery by Gulf War. 

Don't get me wrong here, nothing delights us authorizing combat 
archery marshals more than getting another combat archer on the 
field.  But given the possibility for catastrophic injury that can 
happen with combat archery they are going to make sure any novice 
combat archer is well trained before they are ever allowed to roam 
the field alone.

It normally requires four times as long to get authorized for 
combat archery than whats required to become a melee fighter.  
Furthermore it's about four times as expensive to purchase the 
required equipment to be a combat archer than a melee fighter.  
Not to mention the cost of equipment maintenance and upgrades.

Now if you have read all of the above and are still interested 
in becoming a combat archer come see me Sunday at Steppes 
archery practice or contact me personally by email at the above 
address and we shall be delighted to get you started!  



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> Crystal Lewis wrote:
> > I'm looking to get authorized for CA before BAM
> and I wanted to find 
> > out if anyone in the Steppes/Elfsea area had some
> combat arrows I 
> > could borrow to practice and possibly authorize with?
> Or even someone 
> > in the area who makes and sells said arrows?
> >
> > My bow is a youth-sized 30# bow. (I'm a weakling.)
> Lady Gwen,
>   I'm not in Steppes/Elfsea, so I can't help you
> with arrows, But I can 
> give you a bit of advice about those youth-sized bows.
> Get your local CA marshal to check it's draw with a
> regulation combat 
> arrow. The listed draw weight on some of those youth bows
> are the draw 
> weigh with a youth arrow, not a full-sized one. I've
> seen a few archers 
> at Gulf who were surprised when their bows came in
> over-limit when 
> measured with the standard arrows. One lady I know had made
> shorter 
> arrows for her bow, so that with them it'd be below the
> limit. But with 
> the standard ones it was way over (like 40+ lbs) and a
> marshal can't 
> assume it'll never be used with the standard ammo.
> There are ways to reduce the draw weight a bit, and your AM
> can help you 
> with that, but it's best to know that and deal with it
> before you get to 
> the event.
> Ld Charles MacKinnon
> Marshal at Large
> Bryn Gwlad
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