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Crystal Lewis ladygwensca at yahoo.com
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Excellent! Thanks to you all for your swift responses.

And thank
you Ironwyrm for your cautionary response. I understand that I might
not be able to be complete before BAM but I will have my fighter
authorization and armor in place before the event to where I could at
least buddy with someone to get a sense of what CA entails...and I'm
completely happy with that.

So am I still interested?...yes, and I'll see you tomorrow.


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 If you can find a CA marshal willing to vouch for you, I would be willing to observe/advise you at BAM as I have done for others working on authorizations in the past. You would be able to participate that way. I am not a CA marshal (yet, if HL Eadric has anything to do with it) and I can only speak for my own personal cache of 170+ arrows, but I can certainly help out there.
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