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I'm curious about your throwing axe. Four tennis balls and a piece of syloflex? Sounds interesting. How does that work?

þegn Einarr genja Ragnarsson
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If you are interested and dont have your authorization before BAM, why not join some of us who might not have much ammo for crossbow or bow and make some throwing weapons?  Nothing quite as fun as chunking an axe or javelin into someones faceplate.  Almost as good as an arrow cause you can see their face as they see it coming.   The design of axes is also way simple.  4 tennis balls and a 13 inch piece of siloflex and a bunch of strapping and duct tape and you are good to go.  
So dont let that no card take away your fun.  Throw something at someone, you know you always wanted to do that anyway.  And even if you do get your card, its still fun and you have extra stuff to play with   :D
Karl Thorgeirsson

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We shall look forward to seeing you then.

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Excellent! Thanks to you all for your swift responses.

And thank you Ironwyrm for your cautionary response. I understand that I might not be able to be complete before BAM but I will have my fighter authorization and armor in place before the event to where I could at least buddy with someone to get a sense of what CA entails...and I'm completely happy with that.

So am I still interested?...yes, and I'll see you tomorrow.


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If you can find a CA marshal willing to vouch for you, I would be willing to observe/advise you at BAM as I have done for others working on authorizations in the past. You would be able to participate that way. I am not a CA marshal (yet, if HL Eadric has anything to do with it) and I can only speak for my own personal cache of 170+ arrows, but I can certainly help out there.
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