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The directions at that link are somewhat out of date.

Make sure you follow the construction guidelines in  VII.E of the 
current Society Marshals Handbook where it says.

    /*E. Throwing Weapons* - These weapons may be used for striking and
    may also be thrown in melee scenarios where thrown weapons are
    allowed. May include thrust-and-throw javelins, axes, knives, etc.  /

       1. /*Shafts shall be constructed of r_attan not less than 1 1/4
          (31.8 mm) inch in diameter along its entire length_ or of _two
          layers of Siloflex or equivalent. The outer layer shall be 1
          inch (25.4 mm) inner diameter Siloflex (1 1/4 inch [31.8mm]
          OD) and the inner layer shall be 0.75 inch (19.1 mm) inner
          diameter Siloflex._*/
       2. /If Siloflex is used, both ends of the shaft shall be covered
          with either a schedule-40 PVC cap with an interior diameter
          the same as the outside diameter of the shaft (1 1/4 inch
          [31.8 mm]), or with a rubber stopper or equivalent means to
          prevent the tubing from penetrating the thrusting tip(s),
          fastened securely in place by tape and/or glue./
       3. /*Thrusting tips shall be used on any tip that can be
          reasonably assumed to contact a fighter when the weapon is
          used or thrown. *Tips shall be no less than 2 inches (50.8 mm)
          in diameter/cross-section and have 2 inches (50.8 mm) of
          resilient material in front of the rigid tip of the weapon,
          thereby providing progressively resistant give./
       4. /If the weapon has a head, it shall not be constructed of
          solely rigid materials. The head shall be firmly and securely
          attached to the haft or handle. The head shall allow at least
          1/2 inch (12.7 mm) of progressive give between the striking
          surface and the weapon haft or handle./
       5. /The weapon must have the owner’s name, kingdom, and group
          clearly and legibly printed on it in English characters for
       6. /Total mass of the weapon shall not exceed 2 pounds (0.91 kg)./

Significant changes are in  *RED*

The key there is that you can have a rattan handle/shaft  and if you 
have a siloflex handle/shaft it has to be two layers like a siloflex 
thrust and throw javelin.  The instruction on Inga's site doesn't cover 
rattan and only shows a single layer of siloflex.

As Engenulf indicated for the maces it takes 5 tballs.  4 for the head, 
and one for the butt.  Since when these are thrown the spin end-over-end 
they want the tball on the butt end to help protect in those instances 
where the butt of the weapon will strike your target.  If you are 
building an axe rather than a mace you should still use the tball or 
something similar on the butt end  i.e.  /V.II.E.3  Thrusting tips shall 
be used on any tip that can be reasonably assumed to contact a fighter 
when the weapon is used or thrown./



John Moore wrote:
> Sounds more like a throwing mace.  
> http://www.argentlupus.com/ThrowingMace.html  Gives you instructions 
> and a parts needed list.  The last I heard they were legal in this 
> Kingdom.
> Iaen
> Charlie wrote:
>> Karl,
>> I'm curious about your throwing axe. Four tennis balls and a piece of 
>> syloflex? Sounds interesting. How does that work?
>> þegn Einarr genja Ragnarsson
>> Yfirmaðr af Bogmaðir
>> af Nahrun Kabirun, Outlands
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>>     Subject: Re: [Ansteorra-archery] authorization
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>>     Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008, 5:39 AM
>>     If you are interested and dont have your authorization before
>>     BAM, why not join some of us who might not have much ammo for
>>     crossbow or bow and make some throwing weapons?  Nothing quite as
>>     fun as chunking an axe or javelin into someones faceplate. 
>>     Almost as good as an arrow cause you can see their face as they
>>     see it coming.   The design of axes is also way simple.  4 tennis
>>     balls and a 13 inch piece of siloflex and a bunch of strapping
>>     and duct tape and you are good to go. 
>>     So dont let that no card take away your fun.  Throw something at
>>     someone, you know you always wanted to do that anyway.  And even
>>     if you do get your card, its still fun and you have extra stuff
>>     to play with   :D
>>     Karl Thorgeirsson
>>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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>>     To: ansteorra-archery at lists.ansteorra.org
>>     Subject: Re: [Ansteorra-archery] authorization
>>     We shall look forward to seeing you then.
>>     Ironwyrm
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>>         To: "Archery within the Kingdom of Ansteorra"
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>>         Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008, 8:38 PM
>>         Excellent! Thanks to you all for your swift responses.
>>         And thank you Ironwyrm for your cautionary response. I
>>         understand that I might not be able to be complete before BAM
>>         but I will have my fighter authorization and armor in place
>>         before the event to where I could at least buddy with someone
>>         to get a sense of what CA entails...and I'm completely happy
>>         with that.
>>         So am I still interested?...yes, and I'll see you tomorrow.
>>         Gwen
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>>         If you can find a CA marshal willing to vouch for you, I
>>         would be willing to observe/advise you at BAM as I have done
>>         for others working on authorizations in the past. You would
>>         be able to participate that way. I am not a CA marshal (yet,
>>         if HL Eadric has anything to do with it) and I can only speak
>>         for my own personal cache of 170+ arrows, but I can certainly
>>         help out there.
>>         Lord Engenulf de Vienville 
>>         Company of St. Sebastian

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