[Ansteorra-archery] Stargate / Loch - Conflict at the Faire

Wayne dragonlaw1 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 20:13:36 PDT 2009

Come one, Come all

Yes, there WILL be archery at the Stargate / Loch Sollier event 

C O N F L I C T   A T   T H E   F A I R E

HL Mea Passavanti is sponsoring an archery tournament in honor of HL
In his memory, the targets will be things that Christoforo was known
He had a string shoot where the string was around 3 inches long.
He made a rabbit look more like a porcupine (we have pictures).
And, he was always in the top 3 in the clout. 

>From court until the tournament, the range will be open for practice.  
And, as this is a faire, there will be a game to play.
This is not an event where you will shoot a dozen arrows and go home!
I promise no FITA targets (unless someone would like to score a royal

Crossbows are welcome.
No combat archery planned.

Yours in service
HL Leofwine of Sumersaetum 

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