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Mon Apr 20 20:11:49 PDT 2009

Warlord- the time that Steppes chooses many of its champions.  Yet there are other events as well that those less gifted with sword or arrow may wish to attempt.  The throwing of knife, axe, and spear is one of them.   Besides- one never knows when a well placed knife or axe may....discourage....pursuit of ones exit from various locations.   
Exact details of time and day are still being arranged but there will be such competition this year and 'twil be located near the archers.  There may or may not be loaner equipment available and such as is may be of limited value and balance.  An overall prize for the highest score has been donated and there may be other largesse added for this competition.   
The description of the overall prize is such as to conjure with.  The very words bring forth thoughts of great deeds and heroes of ancient times yet it is possible to obtain the weapons of it yet.  One knife blade of Damascus Steel is the overall prize.  Hand forged of over 200 layers of carbon steel and tempered.   The knife is over 7 inches in overall length with a 3 1/2" blade and will be fitted with brass and stone on the handle.   
For those that wish to win such a prize and the word fame that goes with it- good luck.  
HL Jaque the Spink
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