[Ansteorra-archery] grand assembly of archers

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Sat Apr 25 18:38:38 PDT 2009


the event that everyone has been waiting for is finally approaching !!!
need to show your skill with bow and arrow ?
need to take out some frustration ?
want to just plunk ?
( prize tourneys in all skill levels ) ( and ages )
feel the need to win nice prizes ?
want to come relax with other archers ?
enjoy a quiet night of bardic and friends ?
have you got the stamina to shoot for 3 full days  ??
need help with that pesky problem ?or just some experienced advice ??
feel like skewering an orc ?? or a gnome ??
well the northern region of ansteorra has just the event for you !!!
are you interested ??
curious ??

; ) then mark your calendars for sept. 11-13 2009 
at camp dakani ( okc area , right off of I-35 )
and plan on attending 

The Grand Assembly of Archers !!!  

for more info ( updated as i recieve it  ) check out :


or check out my web page, and don't forget to click the green archer ; )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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