[Ansteorra-archery] wrapping up scores

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Katya, I believe that is Master Baron Manfred who we saw for a while about three years or so ago and had to step back due to work issues.He moved here from Caid, as I recall. He is coming back and we should see more of him, though probably after it cools down a bit. He hails from near Quinlan. I think in the past he claimed Steppes for lack of a closer group. I don't know where he would be on the zip code map.



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I have submitted scores from 30th year... They should pop up in the next couple of days (hope I didn't open another can of worms...).
I have one mystery that I'm hoping someone can solve.  I have "Maginfred Uhfric" on the score sheet but not on the archer signup page.  If you are this person or know this person, please contact me.  I need to know if the above is spelled correctly, real name, and group.
Let me know if you have any questions.
HLy Katya

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