[Ansteorra-archery] Grand Assembly of Archers

Elric Dracwin dracwin at cox.net
Sun Jul 26 18:30:10 PDT 2009

Unto All Archers in Ansteorra do I, Elric Dracwin, send Greetings.

Many years ago when I was new in the SCA my first passion was archery. The
friends I made on the range have been true and I have always maintained a
love of it even when other passions and demands on my time severely limit my
ability to shoot. Months ago I was approached by the archers of Wiesenfeuer
wishing to have an event dedicated to archery. Such non-fighting, targeted
event opportunities come rarely so I jumped at the chance to back the
venture. I heard the list of people selected to be in charge of planning and
activities and trusted all to be well in hand.

The event staff volunteers come from all over the region making face-to-face
meetings difficult so business has understandably been conducted via email
and phone. Unfortunately, I have not been included in these correspondences
and fear I have, as it appears, become too late aware of conflicts between
some of the crew regarding planning which has escalated to an unfortunate

I discussed this issue with the event stewards, Melina and Ulf, as well as
with the former Marshal in Charge, Arthur Blackmoon. It is unfortunate and
brings sadness to my heart that Arthur feels he cannot assist with or even
attend this event. I hope time will sooth his hurt and he changes his mind.
I believe that the event stewards have the core purpose of the event in mind
when they want to add more archery activities to the schedule to provide
options for archers who may not qualify for or have an interest in some of
the other specialty shoots. This is our chance to make sure archers of every
skill level and interest have the opportunity to explore further. The
marshal-in-charge must be consulted in planning the schedule to ensure
safety and coverage but it is ultimately the event steward's responsibility
to present for the approval of the Barons, Baronesses and seneschals a
schedule which includes all activities.

I ask all to not let this become your personal issue and to please come to
the event and help us to support archery.

In Service to Ansteorra, Wiesenfeuer and Archery,

Elric Dracwin
Baron of Wiesenfeuer

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