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Yeah.  Thanks for asking Pyro!  Starting around midnight a front moved in,
bringing with it 30-40 mile-per-hour winds that leveled more than half the
tents.  Those whose tents were not completely flattened had to take such
extraordinary measures to keep them up that even THEY got no more than an
hour or two of sleep.

Regardless of the monstrous winds, we carried on.  It made for an
interesting and fun shoot!  

We had 20 competitors in the target archery portion.  After about 45 minutes
of everyone shooting at every distance (10/20/30 yds), we narrowed the field
to the top 3 archers, which were Fernando, Lord Fenris of Twycross, and
Baron Justrick.  We held a shoot-off between those three, and Baron Justrick
emerged victorious.

After that we did a novelty combat arrow shoot, Friend/Foe
(Guisborne/Locksley) at 20 then at 10 yards.  The idea was to get everyone
to try shooting combat arrows so they could see what it was like.

There was a tie at the end of that between Milady Katherine and Milady
Amber, both of whom have been in the SCA for less than 6 months!

At "court," Justrick was announced as the best target archer, and summarily
arrested...since that meant he had to be Locksley;).  Great fun.

Since there was only one fighter who wanted to authorize in CA, and only
about 4 HW fighters left by then anyway, Prince John (Baron Godwyn) and I
decided to cancel that activity, especially since the winds had not died
down at all.

There was also a bardic competition, won by our current kingdom bard, Lady

Since the forecast called for the winds to continue, AND the temperature to
drop into the 30s, we pretty-much ended the event Saturday evening.

I had some great help from Justrick!  In fact, it was he who provided much
of what made up the range (hay bales, toe rope, knowledge).

Thanks to everyone who came out!  And thanks to all on this list for you
pre-event insight, which helped me immensely do this for the first time.


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So? Any comments/info/reviews of the day, the contests, the winners? 
Really bummed at missing it, Pyro

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