[Ansteorra-archery] First Quarter 2009 Ansteorran Royal Round Keeper Report

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 15:01:15 PST 2009

Congratulations to Sam and to everyone. It seems like everyone is 
improving their scores and that is great. And thanks to Eadric for all 
of his work in keeping it up to date.

Question - Since the IKAC scores are so far behind should we continue to 
submit scores there and then wait for the RR scores from the IKACs to be 
transferred over or should they be submitted separately so at least the 
RR scores are kept up to date?


Royal Rounds wrote:
  > I have received a number of complaints from archers who are concerned
> with the timeliness of the administration of the Inter-Kingdom Archery 
> Competition.  For the 2008 season the IKAC Scorekeeper was as much as  5 
> months behind on his scorekeeping and for 2009 the scorekeeper has at 
> the time of this report not approved even a single score that has been 
> submitted.  This has clearly eroded confidence in the IKAC 
> administration.  I have voiced these concerns to the IKAC keeper and 
> hope that action is taken soon.  However, I am obliged to remind our 
> archery community that the IKAC is a privately sponsored competition and 
> it's administration is not answerable to any Kingdom or SCA Office.
> HL Eadric Anstapa
> Keeper of the Ansteorran Royal Rounds
> royalrounds at marshal.ansteorra.org
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