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Plastidip does have a Durometer of Shore-A 70 according to PDI, which is similar to a shoe heel.  A rubber tire is only Shore-A 55.  Baldars are Santoprene and most Santoprene seems to be in the 50-55 range, that's what I see on spec sheets, although there seem to be some specialty products under the Santoprene name with Shore values from 35 to 70.  So actually it's probably much stiffer than a Baldar.

The realization of hardness does depend on thickness though.  We've painted it into foam for soft LARP weapons, more as a paint than a dip.  I used the spray myself.  This gives mixed results on whether it's durable enough, but it did not present any issue with hardening the surface.


---- Marlin and Amanda Stout <ldcharles at sbcglobal.net> wrote: 
> Danny Miller wrote:
> > In what way?  Tearing/separation?
> >
> > Plastidip does not adhere to UHMW (big surprise there) and won't stick 
> > to a lot of tapes either.  In fact it has only so-so adhesion to foam.
>  From discussion I've seen on the subject of tool dip, it also makes the 
> arrowheads notably stiffer than tape. Mind you, it may not end up as 
> stiff as a Baldar blunt, but I recall complaints about it's stiffness on 
> the Siege list some years ago.
> Charles,
> BG
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