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Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Tue Sep 8 08:44:35 PDT 2009

It's easy as pie as long as you have the appropriate tools.

You will either need a stringer designed for crossbows or a "bastard 
string" and both are simple to use once you have been show how and it is 
not conceptually any different than stringing a longbow or recurve.

A bastard string is really just an overly long string for your 
crossbow,  It is just short enough so that when this bastard string is 
but on the bow and the bow cocked that the prod will be flexed just 
enough for the real string intended for use on the bow to be put in 
place.  Then you decock the bow and remove the bastard string and you 
are done.  Often the prod has to be built to accommodate the bastard 
string  with an extra set of string nocks for it to fit into (this is 
particularly true for straight prods).  For recurve prods the stringer 
or bastard string can often rest in the recurved portion of the prod in 
the same way a pad type stringer does on a recurve handbow.

Modern crossbow vendors sell bastard string type of bow stringers.  This 
is an example of the the stringer sold by Excalibur crossbows  for their 
recurved crossbows. 


Here is a picture of it in use.
You slip the blocks on the end of the stringers over the prod and allow 
them to rest in the recurve portion of the prod.   Then you cock the  
crossbow with this bastard string.  The bastard string is just long 
enough so that when the crossbow is cocked the  prod is flexed just 
enough for you to easily get the real string onto it.  The real string 
is put into place through the large holes on the blocks in the bastard 
string and slipped onto the string nocks on the prod.  Then you 
carefully decock the bow and remove the bastard string from your now 
strung crossbow.   You of course reverse the process to unstring your 
crossbow for storage or transport.

While the Excalibur stringer has UHMW blocks your could make one that is 
just cord with rubber hose over it to help keep the stringer from 
slipping on the prod.

A couple of guys can man-handle a string onto a lightweight crossbow but 
it is no necessarily safe and increases the risk of damaging the bow by 
applying uneven or unnatural pressure on the limbs.  Using a stringer is 
always the way you _should_ do it and I think the only safe option for 
higher poundage bows.

I am going to to TRY and be at the Grand Assembly of Archers.    Find me 
and I'll show you how you are supposed to string a crossbow.


Len Billett wrote:
> does anyone know how the bloody hell to restring a crossbow? i 
> unstrung it for storage and cant get it restrung. im in the process of 
> re adjusting it and cant really test it unstrung. if anyone can help 
> me to get it strung up again and would happen to be at the namron 
> practice or the grand assemb. please drop me a line at 
> lordleno666 at yahoo.com <mailto:lordleno666 at yahoo.com>
> /Len Billett/

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