[Ansteorra-archery] Grand Assembly Winners, Awards and News

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Mon Sep 14 21:14:54 PDT 2009

Congratulations to all the winners of the Grand Assembly tournaments this
past weekend!


Childrens: 6-9 Gabriel; 10-13 Fitter ap Ray

Parent/child: Ray ap Dewi and Fitter ap Ray

Youth: Baldo

String: Kermegan of Taransay

Bowmen: Colette of Namron

Viking: Ulrich von Budigen

Ladies: Adelaide verch Dewi

Traditional: Robert of the Faire

Crossbow: Samuel ap Dewi

Yeomen: Donna verch Dewi


The Legend Shoot was called on account of rain. Because the shoot was
designed in such a way that there was a chance it might not be won if no one
could meet the challenge, it could not simply go to the archer with the
highest score when it was called – perhaps next year!


There was much more than just tournament winners to be proud of this weekend
though. We saw 21 ladies step up to the line on Saturday, many who had never
picked up a bow before. And despite a sudden rain burst in the middle of
their shoot, most finished in fine style and did their kingdom proud! Seeing
the expression on the face of Rose the Obnoxious after she drilled the Black
Knight in the face with an arrow was priceless! And the poor War Boar was
faceless after Adelaide and Margherita were finished with him – the two of
them alone left him looking like a porcupine!


And I will never again complain about a bit of bad weather after watching
Shawna, a new Wiesenfeuer archer originally from California, standing in the
pouring rain Sunday morning shooting her first royal round. Her
determination paid off – she drilled the bull’s-eye on a period target at 40
yards! Trimaris better watch out if she keeps practicing and marches to war
next year!


The Childrens’ shoot was a sight to see as Lady Adelaide led the children
through a series of piñata targets that included a unicorn (I’m quite
certain it was an evil unicorn only disguising itself with rainbows!), a
castle and a knight. Our littlest archer was perhaps five and not quite of
age but made a fine showing of himself and all of the children proved
themselves to be fine, young archers. The future of Ansteorra archery looks
bright indeed!


We had an amazing participation rate overall, have added some new archers to
our ranks and a couple of newcomers ended the weekend with brand new


And last, but not at all least, Samuel ap Dewi was awarded a Sable Talon for
archery. VIVAT SAM!


Blessings to all,




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