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Some fighters can not be killed with arrows. Not just heavy fighters at that. I have had a CA not call a shot to the eye slot, go figure.

When I was shooting CA I liked any battle that I got to shoot in, but then I am easy to placate. Let me get off two or three arrows in a battle and I am happy, over joyed if I hit some one and they take it. There are just not that many weapons out there that one person can fire that has the range of CA. Wanting to shoot farther faster and with greater effectiveness seems a little greedy to me

No "one" likes to die at lay on and I understand that.



> I agree with Pug. One other reason I am not fond of open field battles is
> the increased likelihood that someone being hit by an arrow "won't notice"
> it. I don't know if there is any hard data on this, but to me it is
> palpable. At GW last year, toward the end of the last field battle, there
> were four fighters (spearmen and glaives) from the opposing side advancing
> toward me after all semblance of organized grouping seemed to have vanished.
> In the 60 seconds or so that ensued, I shot perhaps 7 or 8 arrows, hitting a
> few of them multiple times. One of them died (turns out he was a friend of
> mine). All 3 of the others just kept walking to me. After the 3rd arrow
> bounced off the chest of one spearman, and he just kept coming, I simply
> threw my hands up. It was very frustrating.
> My assumption is that a combination of the increased movement and chaos of a
> field battle, and the decreased likelihood that anyone else will notice if a
> fighter "does not notice" being shot, make this more likely. 
> My two pence.
> Kenneth

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