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HLy Katya;

I will be there, and definitely want to partake however I have volunteered to 
teach my two archery classes (3 hours total).  When are you trying to have your 
meeting?  We may need to talk to the steward about scheduling.  Please let me 

In Service
Don Sebastian Frobishire
Archery Marshall at Large

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Central Region Archers and Marshals,
I am hosting a regional round table at Glaslyn Artisan on Sept 10.  The event is 
be at the TWU campus.  This is an off-calendar event for them so you will need 
to visit the Glaslyn website for more info. (just discovered that it's down.  
I'll find more info and forward that asap)  

I would like to discuss:

	* adding marshals to our ranks
	* adding local practices
	* how to find a range that will work with us
	* how to generate enthusiasm for archery within our region. 
There may be other topics that come up.  These are the topics that concern me 
On a side note, this is also Glaslyn's Artisan event.  Please let me encourage 
you, your spouse, your best friends, and everyone else to display their 
works.  The compeition has typically been a body of work competition.  
Documentation is recommended but not required.  It is a great beginner 
Thank you for your support and I look forward to an open and enlightening 
discussion to promote and encourage archery within our region.  If members from 
other regions have something they would like to add or contribute, I would like 
to extend the invitation to you as well.
Let me know if you have questions or comment.  Looking forward to seeing you 
HLy Katya
Central Region Archery Marshal
Archery Defender of the Flame, Canton of Glaslyn
Archery Champion, Canton of Dragonsfire Tor
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