[Ansteorra-archery] Crossbow Prods for sale?

Danny Miller dannym at austin.rr.com
Tue Oct 18 11:42:48 PDT 2011

Not in my case, I can grind to spec as long as it's under 1500 ip.  I've 
been doing it for Amtgard and the other LARP folks for years and they've 
had a LOT of use.  I had a problem which kept coming up with the way the 
trigger was mounted and kept dry-firing in the field (but almost never 
while I was testing it).  Net result was that it got dry fired well over 
100x.  None the worse for wear though.

FG supports a stronger drawing aspect ratio than aluminum, and much 
better than steel.  For example, I'm looking at an SCA-made recurved 
7075 aluminum prod here which is 28" wide when strung, a 3" brace height 
and the nut's placed about 12" from the prod, so it's about a 9" power 
stroke.  The profile I use us 27" wide, a 3" brace height, and the nut 
is over 13" from the prod, a 10" power stroke.  That'll basically mean 
you can meet your target IP criteria with about 10% less pull right there.

I do prefer to mount with a center hole for a 10-32 thread and locknut.  
You'd think this would be a problem for cracking, oddly enough, it's 
not.  I do like the cord bindings but I just need to be able to take 
things apart easier.  It's much smaller to pack in a car.  Makes 
shipping much cheaper, too.

Fiberglass is MUCH lighter in front.  This is really good because 
traditional designs had little regard for weight balance, and tend to be 
wildly front-heavy IMHO.


On 10/18/2011 8:07 AM, Doug Copley wrote:
> I have done many searches for fiberglass prods and you basically have 
> a choice of 150# or 150#. All of the 50# and 80# prods that I found 
> were for pistol crossbows and were only 17" across.
> My search was in relation to target archery. Fiberglass is more 
> efficient in the transfer of energy than steel or aluminum so the same 
> poundage, same draw, and same bolt will shoot the bolt faster from 
> fiberglass.
> Fiberglass is also supposed to be more uniform, last longer, and do 
> not rust. You would want to wrap them in leather though so that they 
> look better:-)
> I just bought 3 steel prods from http://www.slobowscrossbows.com/ and 
> paid $65 each for them. I was able to get these in the poundage that I 
> wanted so that I could custom design each of the crossbows for the 
> people that will be shooting them.
> For our combat crossbows we have all been using the aluminum prods and 
> have never had a problem with any of them.
> Vincenti
> On 10/18/2011 4:41 AM, Danny Miller wrote:
>> $75 shipped. Can grind to any spec you need.
>> Oznog
>> On 10/4/2011 1:27 PM, Brandon McDermott wrote:
>>> How much?
>>> Count Lochlan Dunn
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>>> I have a CNC-driven fiberglass grinder whose only purpose is to MAKE
>>> fiberglass recurved crossbow prods.
>>> What overall draw length are you looking for? A lot of the aluminum
>>> ones use 3" brace height + 7" power stroke for a 10" Overall Draw. I
>>> use a 3" brace but prefer to cut for a 10" power stroke. What that
>>> means is instead of drawing 86# @7" power stroke, you'd draw 60# @
>>> 10". The extra length is no extra drawing effort at all, but extra lbs
>>> is. It depends on whether you're working from a historical design that
>>> might look out of proportion with a longer draw. A lot of Iolo's stuff
>>> used 12" overall draw, so it's not out of proportion to speak of if
>>> the design works with it.
>>> Oznog
>>> On 10/4/2011 10:37 AM, Kaitlyn Mckenna wrote:
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> Anyone know where crossbow prods can be purchased (and are actually
>>>> in stock) in order to make one's own crossbow for combat?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> kaitlyn
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