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I am trying to find great butts , to use at our local practices and events.
( most of the butts I had previously located are no longer available  )
so far I have found what look to be great butts, but no replacement cores for same, and the people weren't sure if they would hold up to crossbow usage.
I have found good butts, and replaceable cores at a decent price, but again no one seems sure if they will hold up to crossbow usage.

( most places seem to worry about the higher poundage of the crossbow blowing right on through the target in a short amount of usage time. )

the biggest requirements are : 
stand up to northkeeps all day almost every weekend practices without becoming " blow through center " targets.
or banning that having replaceable center sections to repair the blow through centers we create.

( if replacable center targets seller should also sell replacment centers, to make repairs easy ; )

be able to grab and hold arrows and bolts without destroying the targets or the shafts. usually described as being " self healing " .
be insect and weather resistant preferably if weather / insect proof isn't available.
be worth the investment. 
( our Saunders rolled grass mats lasted for over a year, our current foam only lasts months, would really prefer to find something that will last at least 3 years outside, with a replaceable core, since that's the part most commonly blown through )

so , I figured with all of the accumulated experience on these lists , this would be a good place to ask for input  or leads on where to find some great butts = )

thanx in advance

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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