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Homax Welder has changed in packaging a few time.  Used to be in a silver tube, but the most recent I purchased was in a red tube.  As far as I can tell the new white tubes are the same product as they are all listed as Homax Welder Professional.

Here is a link to the manufacturer:

Lowes carries Welder on their web site.  Our local Lowes also has it, but someone, with infinite wisdom, placed it in the section with wood putties and not in the section with adhesives.

Ronald fitz Robert

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I was told use the RED tube not the white tube.
Runa (of the swift internet fingers)
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>If you find any "welder" please post where you found it!
>Brian.   (<0>_<0>) still looking !
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>We used E6000.  But I was told  Welder was better.  It isn't available at Lowe's, Home Despot, or True  Value Hardware, at least not in the Conroe area.  I went to every since  one and yes at every single one after I said "it isn't J B Weld but Welder"  they took me to the glue aisle and pointed to the JB Weld.
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>>>I am getting ready to put together several dozen 
      bolts for Gulf and had a quick question. I had previously been using Goop 
      to glue together the arrows and someone at BAM mentioned there was a 
      better brand, I want to say it was called Welder- but can't remember. Does 
      anyone have any suggestions?
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