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On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 8:33 PM, Doug Copley <doug.copley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings unto the Greatest Archers of the known world!
> TRHs will be holding a Tourney to find their Royal Huntsman and it will
> probably be held in May, they do not have a date or event yet.
> This tourney will have special requirements so they are being announced in
> advance so that everyone has an opportunity to be prepared.
> There will be both a target archery and a combat archery portion to the
> tourney. From these rounds the top archers will advance to the finals and
> will be asked by the Crown if they are ready and able to compete for the
> title and if they win are they ready to fulfill those duties and to serve
> the Crown. If they are not ready, or choose not to continue, they will be
> allowed to withdraw at that time and a replacement from the field will be
> called forward.
> *** Here are the special rules ***
> The final rounds will be Combat Archery Duels. All participants in the
> final rounds must be Combat Archery authorized and have photo ID,
> authorization card, and blue membership card (if they do not have their
> blue membership card they will have to sign a waiver).
> If you are not Combat Archery authorized you must be actively working on
> becoming one and you must contact me in advance of the event to receive a
> waiver for this.
> All finalists will have to pass armor inspection prior to entering the
> field. Those archers that are planning to compete for the title and wish to
> get their armor inspection done prior to the start of the tourney will be
> able to. All Combat Archery equipment will have to be inspected prior to
> the start of the tourney.
> As this is a tourney to select the Archery Champion for the Kingdom of
> Ansteorra, no loaner gear of any type will be provided. Each contestant
> will be responsible for providing their own equipment.
> As soon as a tourney date and site are selected I will post a notification
> to the list.
> If you have any questions please contact me directly.
> YIS,
> Vincenti da Murano
> Royal Huntsman, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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