[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Duties

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 12:53:16 PST 2012

What does a Royal Huntsman do? What are their duties?

IMO, the Royal Huntsman has a variety of duties.

1.  The Royal Huntsman is a representative to the Crown and to the 
populace for the entire archery community, both target and combat.

2.  Help work as part of their entourage to make the events go smoother 
and the courts be easier for everyone involved.

3.  Stand in every court that they can attend.

4.  Protect the Crown both on and off the field. Our wonderful Queen is 
a fighter and does not back down from a challenge or a fight. As such 
she armored up and took the field in both Rapier and Chivalric, even 
though she had never fought Chivalric previously. She got her first 
kills on the Chivalric field at BAM. She said that was not enough so she 
was going to also do Combat Archery, so one of my duties was to get here 
ready, authorized, and take the field with her. Unfortunately, due to an 
injury and surgery we have not been able to complete this task, yet. Our 
young Princess also plans to take the field and do Combat Archery, so 
taking the field with her and being there to help and protect the Crown 
is important.

5.  Make plans for possible shoots and tourney formats for the next 
Royal Huntsman. Introduce yourself and meet with the Prince and Princess 
as soon after Crown Tourney as possible. Find out what they want, have a 
proposal for them, and be prepared to run it in whatever format and at 
whatever location and time they choose.

6.  Always remember that although it is an honor and title you have won, 
it is also a set of duties and expectations that you have accepted. Just 
as the Rapier and Chivalric Champions are called forward before the 
finals to make sure that they are willing and able to accept those 
duties so shall it be with the Royal Huntsman tourney.

7.  No matter what you hear, no matter what you do, when you are with 
the Crown you are there for them and for the populace and to perpetuate 
the Dream.

8.  Anything else that the Crown may ask:-)

Are you good enough to win, are you prepared to make the commitment, and 
are you willing to sacrifice some of your time and energy to help the dream?

All archers are invited and I know of some archers that do not plan to 
win or are not prepared to make the commitment, but they still want the 
opportunity to see if they can even make it to the finals. Come join the 
fun, see what happens, see who can win the day!


Vincenti da Murano
Royal Huntsman, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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