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yes...a portion where they use CA equipment to shoot at Ikcac or other targets....Not where all of the finalists MUST have complete CA gear and heavy armor to fight a duel.
There is a difference

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I try to keep my mouth shut on this list and just read, as I am more of a participant in archery, and not one of the leaders. Sadly, I haven't been able to participate much either. 

I've only been able to participate in one Royal Huntsman tournament before, and there was a combat archery element in that one too. This is nothing new.


On Feb 13, 2012, at 3:43 PM, Chuck Kaun wrote:
That is why they have a Champion in the armored martial arts, forcing others to either do this or not play is exclusionary.  Another thing to think on, if only a combat archer can win, who is to say that the next Royal Huntsman wont have the same thoughts as you?  Once is precedent, twice can easily become tradition.
Signing off of this topic, 
Karl Thorgeirsson

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