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1st , everyone please ,there is no need to get personal , were all archers .
even if we do belong to two different communities, there is common crossover between them.
2nd, you do neither community any good by trying to pick fights. ( which seems to be the way the statement is written, though I hope im wrong on this )
but you must be able to see that there is a world of difference between handling combat gear while in heavy armor,and getting shot at for maybe 30 min., 
and placing 3 out of 5 arrows in a 4 " circle , ( @30 yards or more ) after standing in the sun all day and walking all day ??
two different skill sets, two different sets of equipment, two different communities......

as for your statement, I take umbrage at the thought that a  top flight archer should be thought less of than an archer that does neither combat nor target archery on that level, but is considered a " better " " more worthy " archer because they are mediocre in more than one community. ( especially since I can count on one hand the top flight archers that are that level in both communities , and not use all my fingers )
 how many heavy weapons archers are just as good ( or nearly so ) with a crossbow, as they are with a longbow on the field of war ?? or for that matter a spear ?
without checking , I can almost wager that more target archers are equally lethal ( or at least nearly so ) with crossbow, longbow, and recurve 
so your statement makes even less sense , why would a target archer wish to " suit up " in heavy weapons armor , to settle an archery dispute ??

I would hope that all championships & especially the royal huntsman would always be won by the best archer present ,I know this doesn't often happen, but its a nice goal ; )

which road would that be ? according to the numbers posted for participation, target archery has more participants than heavy and rapier combined so it cant be the road less traveled .

hopefully this is close to settled , as both sides have expressed their opinions, and arguing helps neither side : (

tired old mans opinion, yours may vary greatly.

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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  This is true, our value isn't at the same level as someone who skills are more rounded in different fields of archery. But if it means that much to you, then suit up.

  There's a good reason why the other road is less traveled

  On Feb 13, 2012, at 7:08 PM, Patrick R <tex_yankee2004 at yahoo.com> wrote:

          By your standard guess those of us who are just target archers have no value at kingdom level, so be it. It will be curious to see how many of the top shooters will not qualify for the finals and are forced to give up their spot to someone with a CA authorization. 



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