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forwarded by request,  
he's right , you can't complain if you don't voice your opinion in the 1st place.
( it's sorta like voting, you can't really complain about the politicians if you don't vote  )

yay or nay , not mine to say, but my opinion i'll freely give = )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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Master Jean Paul has given his permission to forward this to any appropriate lists. Please do so. Could someone forward it on to the rapier or equestrian lists.


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  FYI regarding contacting the board's exploratory committee for the rapier peerage with your input. 


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    Greetings to all my friends.

    As many of you are aware the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.'s Board of Directors has now started the process for creating what is commonly called "The Fourth Peerage".
    Whereas, for years many different groups, whether it is archery, thrown weapons, siege, combat archery, rapier and others that do not fit the standard mold to be added to either the Laureate, the Pelican or the Chivalry and had outstanding members - in many cases, were ignored. It was simply that some activities were square pegs in what they considered a round world. We did not fit.

    As you are all aware of the census that was done in 2010/2011 attempted to capture every member of the SCA and all the special interest groups. 
    In some cases, many people just blew it off in my humble opinion as they had grown tired of rhetoric that extended back decades. 
    It is also my opinion that in doing so they have hurt all of us as they start setting up The Fourth Peerage, the numbers will be skewed, and the will of the different groups will not be heard and only one group will end up on top.

    At this time I want to make sure you understand that I have no ax to grind with any group, those that know me best, 
    understand I like a level playing field. I am also not so stupid to understand that a perfect world does not exist . But I will continue to help to level the field.

    At this time, they have started to set up the procedures for The Fourth Peerage.

    They welcome comments, suggestions, etc. etc. but will not put up with abuse. 
    They are working for the people, with the information, real suggestions, that all groups provide. I have been told it is not too late to make changes to truly make it a peerage for all groups.

    While I wore another hat, I did not feel I could write this letter and not make it sound like I was tainting the water. 
    Those days are over, I am still a siege engineer at a combat archer - and yes, a heavy fighter, but the chances of becoming a member of the Chivalry because I do combat archery and siege are just about as good as me becoming King.

    But I would like a legacy of seeing those that are behind me having a chance of becoming a Peer for their skill, peer qualities, and more.
    For years, I have seen and heard my brothers and sisters of the bow and of the siege say "They wish there was a way to be recognized."

    My brothers - IT IS NOW TIME - I ask you, I beg you, look to the future of the SCA, you wish the program to grow.

    Whether it is combat archery, siege, thrown weapons, rapier, etc. This peerage Is not about just one group, unless YOUR and I did say YOUR voice is heard, what we have wished for over decades, maybe lost.

    Take the five minutes, or 10, or 15, and send your feelings to the Society Seneschal Countess Kenna Harve (OP). She has been a heavy fighter and has led personally an army into battle. She knows many of you as she has been in charge of the entire water bearing situation both at Pennsic and assisted at Gulf Wars. But if she has no information from other groups, the group that has supplies the most probably will form The Fourth Peerage.

    Please, please, please take the time to make your feelings known.
    Don't waste time - do it now, tell others you know, it affects the Known World.
    It is THAT important!!

    Please write her at: seneschal at sca.org

    Please show her courtesy and respect in your writings and remember, what you write can change the SCA, maybe not for you, but for a generation coming up behind us.

    Yours in service to the SCA and to my brothers and sisters in combat archery, siege, thrown weapons, rapier, etc.

    Master Jean Paul Pierrepont OL OP
    Ex-DSEM - Siege
    Ex- Lt. General Middle Kingdom Army
    Ex-Combat Archery/Siege DKEM -Middle Kingdom Great Household of the Dark Horde

    But - most of you just know me as "JP' on a ballista called "Dragon Master"
    please write Kenna! Thank you - thank you

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