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Well stated!  (And worth much more than two cents!)

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I have been reading the posts and have seen many good arguments both pro and con for the Royal Huntsman tournament rules and requirements. As stated, in period, the Royal Huntsman would have been the one designated to provide game for the Crown and possibly the armies. 

Perhaps it is time, with the vast increase in number of combat archers in our Kingdom, for all archers to come together and petition the Crown to create a new champion to protect them on the field of battle. Since we already have the Kings Archer award to recognize those who show prowess in target archery, Perhaps a new Champion could be created whose primary duties would be to provide support for the Royals on the field of battle and let the Royal Huntsman concentrate on the Target copetitions. Possibly he could be called the Royal Archer which would cover either the King or Queen if both were on the field of battle.  

I have spoken to several of our Royal Huntsmen and for most the requirements to support the Crown at the target ranges at War and also on the fields of battle is an overwhelming task as many of the tournaments and battles are going on simutaneously and one person cannot be in both places at once.

A second champion from the archery community could only improve the awareness of all aspects of the archery community.

Just my two cents worth,

HL Gunnarr haukr
NR Missile Marshal
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