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Or one goes to each.  Its possible to have the CA tourney actually done at Crown tourney.  The Current crown chooses who the Archer/missile Protector to their heirs will be and they stay on through their reign.
Anotehr thought....If you are going to have a CA tourney, why not add throwing weapons to the mix?  Having a guy with the option of either trying to reload his crossbow or rushing the other guy reloading and chucking an axe at him WOULD make the duel a bit more exciting wouldnt it?  :D

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And if there are 2 champions, they can coordinate between themselves, with their Majesties permission, on which one will be in attendance at which events.  I know it gets crowded behind the thrones.  That way both can have flexibility for if they can’t make an event.

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With inflation and common sense, your two cents is worth a bit more than that Gunnar and I think we still got a bargain in the making.  
This also helps with the third group that no one has mentioned.  There are pure CA people out there as well, people who dont play on the target range because they are just not into it, heavy fighters who through injury or some other reason do not or are not able to fight in the front lines anymore but still wish to armor up, and heavy fighters who wish to do something besides twiddle their thumbs in the early part of the fort battle waiting for the archers to play for a while.
Instead of forcing three groups into one mold, perhaps you are right and its time for there to be two molds.
And for that group that enjoys both target and CA?  Sounds like a win/win/win to me
Karl Thorgeirsson
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