[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 11:42:34 PST 2012

You are correct about some people doing CA only. Because there is a CA 
war point at GW now it is getting more recognition.

In the last few months i have authorized a couple Knights, a couple 
Centurions, and a couple of fighters (both rapier and chivalric), and a 
number more people that I know do not do any target archery.


On 2/14/2012 10:19 AM, Chuck Kaun wrote:
> With inflation and common sense, your two cents is worth a bit more than
> that Gunnar and I think we still got a bargain in the making.
> This also helps with the third group that no one has mentioned. There
> are pure CA people out there as well, people who dont play on the target
> range because they are just not into it, heavy fighters who through
> injury or some other reason do not or are not able to fight in the front
> lines anymore but still wish to armor up, and heavy fighters who wish to
> do something besides twiddle their thumbs in the early part of the fort
> battle waiting for the archers to play for a while.
> Instead of forcing three groups into one mold, perhaps you are right and
> its time for there to be two molds.
> And for that group that enjoys both target and CA? Sounds like a
> win/win/win to me
> Karl Thorgeirsson
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> Subject: [Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman
> I have been reading the posts and have seen many good arguments both pro
> and con for the Royal Huntsman tournament rules and requirements. As
> stated, in period, the Royal Huntsman would have been the one designated
> to provide game for the Crown and possibly the armies.
> Perhaps it is time, with the vast increase in number of combat archers
> in our Kingdom, for all archers to come together and petition the Crown
> to create a new champion to protect them on the field of battle. Since
> we already have the Kings Archer award to recognize those who show
> prowess in target archery, Perhaps a new Champion could be created whose
> primary duties would be to provide support for the Royals on the field
> of battle and let the Royal Huntsman concentrate on the Target
> copetitions. Possibly he could be called the Royal Archer which would
> cover either the King or Queen if both were on the field of battle.
> I have spoken to several of our Royal Huntsmen and for most the
> requirements to support the Crown at the target ranges at War and also
> on the fields of battle is an overwhelming task as many of the
> tournaments and battles are going on simutaneously and one person cannot
> be in both places at once.
> A second champion from the archery community could only improve the
> awareness of all aspects of the archery community.
> Just my two cents worth,
> HL Gunnarr haukr
> NR Missile Marshal

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