[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Duties

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 12:02:04 PST 2012

Yes M'Lady, you are correct. They can make whatever arrangements to 
borrow armor and equipment from anyone they wish too, I will just not 
have loaner gear there for people.

I know myself and others are working to authorize people and help people 
get the gear they need for CA and we have been doing so for awhile.


On 2/14/2012 11:23 AM, Michele Atwood wrote:
> Lance has the right of it as far as how the tournament format is
> determined and both he and Arthur are right in how our response should
> be. While I have not played for a long time, I have played long enough
> to watch something of a renaissance happen within the archery community.
> From a handful of people at practices and tournaments, to crowds and
> excitement, innovation and a great increase in our presence on the
> battlefield.
> As an archer, I an thrilled that Her Royal Majesty is enjoying and
> taking the field as an archer. The news that Her Royal Highness plans to
> do the same adds to my joy and pride in my community. I look forward to
> seeing them both on the field with me at Gulf. Two more beautiful and
> deadly Ansteorra Ladies to add to the Trimaris death toll!
> As a community, we should not be bickering because in this particular
> tournament we may not be able to win. We should be proud of the
> community, the hard work so many have put in to make archery more
> visible, enjoyable, accessible through multiple and varied touraments,
> and above all more  respected. Above all, as a community, whether we
> qualify for the final round or not, we should come out, shoot and show
> our spirit, courtesy, honor, skill, and full support for the champion
> from our community who will have the honor of fighting with and
> defending out Princess.
> All that being said, last year they said no loaner gear was available
> but you could make private arrangements with someone. I cannot compete
> but have a full CA kit, I would be happy to outfit someone if that is
> allowed provided they are planning to get outfitted and attend war but
> just can't do it in time for the tournament.
> In Service,
> Lady Melina de Mantua
> Barony of Namron

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